【TOURATECH】ZEGA-PRO「限定版本」 Pannier System 馬鞍箱

  • 定價:NT$97,552
  • 會員價:NT$84,870
  • 回饋點數:849 點(1點折抵1元)

  • BMW
    R1200GS : R1200GS / ADV
  • 數量:
  • 黑色邊框
  • 尺寸:38+45L
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  • 黑色邊框
  • 尺寸:38+45L

Touratech is offering a special treat for 1200 GS fans who appreciate the aesthetics of motorcycle panniers and see them as more than just a transportation box: the *Limited Edition* ZEGA Pro pannier system for the BMW R 1200 GS / Adventure is an elaborately laser-decorated、 exclusive eye-catcher - not only for the Triple Black!
With a strictly limited edition of 100 sets、 the pannier system comes preassembled and comprises two black anodised ZEGA Pro panniers with 38/45 litres capacity、 and a pannier rack made from 18mm stainless steel tube with an extra black plastic powder coating.
As a result、 there is absolutely no chance of rust - even if the rack suffers a few scratches.
The black anodised version of the ZEGA Pro doesn’t just shine with its fabulous looks、 it also prevents rubbing inside the case.
The ultra thick、 high quality anodised layer offers very special protection for the surface and helps to prevent discolouration.

The outstanding feature、 however、 is the elaborate laser decoration with a world map on the left-hand pannier and an R 1200 GS on the right、 giving an artistic touch to the multiple award-winning ZEGA Pro panniers in a combination of functionality and exceptional design.
On both panniers、 the decoration smartly blends with a decal made from extremely resilient、 off-road tested film as used on the Touratech racing team’s competition bikes.
Depicting stylised mountains or dunes - depending on the viewer’s preference - the decals not only protect the lower part of the panniers against scratches、 they also show where a GS most wants to be ridden: off-road.
For the rider’s safety、 a wide strip of reflective material is applied to the rear edge of the panniers.


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R1200GS : R1200GS / ADV