【TOURATECH】Breath Thermo High-end 後坐墊

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R1200GS : R1200GS / ADV




The ultimate seat combination for the R1200 GS and it can also be used in modular formThe newly developed HE seat sets the standards in seating comfort. With this comfortable and actively-breathing seat、 you will experience pleasant and relaxing riding、 even on long trips - and you can forget about high temperatures and humidity!The seats are made from the highest-grade materials and especially customised to ergonomic requirements over long distances. Air circulation in the seat area remains at an absolute optimum thanks to the superlative、 actively-breathing seat design - even on long and hot journeys. Sticky and crumpled underclothing is now effectively a thing of the past. Besides the use of actively-breathing materials which considerably improve seat comfort in the long-term、 the HE also provides effective protection against uncomfortable pressure points on your upper thighs. During conception and design、 great care was taken to achieve perfect cushioning - and to ensure that the seams cannot be felt.The high-strength cushioning protects your posterior - really effectively. The seat cannot be dented - even after long and hard use. Then there are its contours theyre designed to ensure sheer comfort for you、 the user.The pillion seat is designed in such a way that it is almost impossible for your passenger to slide forward when you brake - and this really improves the degree of comfort for both you and your pillion passenger.With this seat combination、 you can tackle the longest、 most challenging and demanding journeys、 whether youre riding alone on your machine or not. You can also order pillion and riders seats individually - both seats can be fitted in combination with the series models and fitted with no problem at all.Design、 material、 cushioning and finishing have combined to create truly superlative products which will considerably increase the pleasure you take in riding your machine - wherever you are... in Africa、 South America or on your own home ground.




    • R1200GS : R1200GS / ADV



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