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  • BMW
    R1200GS / ADV 08-
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  • 左用

Due to the excellent lumen output of Xenon bulbs、 the light emitted reaches further and the illumination of the road is much better.
Also、 the light produced by Xenon bulbs more closely resembles the colour of natural daylight、 resulting in better visibility、 increased comfort、 and increased safety in night driving conditions.
High Intensity Discharge lighting uses a Xenon gas bulb to produce the intense white light with an electric arc.
There is no filament; the arc is created by igniting a mixture of inert gas and metal salts with approximately 20000 volts.
Consequently each Xenon lamp includes a transformer unit with a high-voltage cable and special brackets. Xenon lights produce a much higher luminous flux (3200 Lumen instead of 1500 Lumen)
than conventional halogen lights. For more than double the light output it consumes only 35 watts of electrical power (compared to 55W+).
Compared to halogen bulbs that give off light with a yellow tint、 Xenon bulbs produce light with a slight bluish tint.
Better visibility results in greater safety and comfort when driving、 especially in bad weather conditions.

The Xenon headlight kit includes brackets、 transformer、 cables and relay. There is no switch - the Xenon lamp
is activated automatically with the high beam.

All Touratechs Xenon control units are protected from strong vibrations!

Includes German TUV Type Approval and needs not be registered.

One HID lamp、 mounted on the left side. Xenon HID provides the brightest light for the power used. Due to the excellent lumen output of Xenon bulbs、 the light emitted reaches farther and the light beam to illuminate the road is even greater (see comparison)
In addition、 the light produced more closely approximates the color temperature of natural daylight. This makes for better visibility and noticeably less eye strain in night driving conditions.
Startup power requirement is about 90W but stabilizes at about 60W sustained draw after a few seconds.
* One lamp、 on Left side
* Bracket has left/right/up/down adjustment
* Fits 2008 R1200GS Adventure
* Includes all mounting brackets and hardware
* Includes mounting bracket for Ballast
* Does not fit together with BMW OEM fog light
* 60W sustained draw



  • 「TOURATECH」是來自德國的冒險摩托車款零件的製造商!是騎乘冒險摩托車款旅行時不可或缺的品牌,零件種類豐富,從讓摩托車升級為更精悍的改裝零件,到騎士服飾等,各式商品多樣齊全。
R1200GS / ADV 08-