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- 付属キットで容易に取り付け可能。
- 取付用のストラップベルトは、バッグを保持するための対摩擦コーティング処理済。
- オプション品の防水インナーバッグ(055-1463)で防水性能をより完璧にできます。
- バッグ底面にはソフトな素材を使用、車体塗装部分へのダメージを防ぎます。
- 丈夫なプラスチック・ハンドルで取り外し時にも持ち運び容易です。
- 付属のキャリング・ストラップで、ナップサックやショルダーバッグとしても使用可能
- メインバッグ両サイドの拡張ジッパーを開くことによりさらに容量を増加することが可能。
- 安全性に寄与する反射素材を各所に使用
- オプション品のアドオン・バッグ(01-055-1462-0)を上部に取り付け可能。
- 生地に撥水性のあるテフロン加工1100DTEX CORDURA採用、汚れにも強い

With this versatile luggage system、 you’ll solve all your transport problems at once!
It was specially developed for universal installation on almost every motorcycleand is designed for many、 varied applications. Because it’s so easy to install and remove、 it’s the ideal alternative to mounting a rigid and inflexible pannier case system - even for trips of moderate distances. The multifunctional base unit consists of a main rear bag with a capacity of about 28 litresalong with two removable side bags、 each with 7 litres of storage space. An available matching small、 top-mounted、 rear add-on bag (01-055-1462-0) can increase the maximum storage capacity to a grand total of 53 litres!

-The pillion-style travel bag is easily installed with the included attachment kit.
-The retaining straps have an anti-slip coating to keep the bag firmly in place.
-The main bag comes with two removable side bags with water-repellent two-way zippers.
-All bags are optionally available with water-proof inner liners.
-A soft、 slip-resistant bottom ensures secure positioning and prevents paint damage.
-With its strong、 rugged plastic handle、 the main bag can be easily transported、 even when fully loaded.
- Two included carrying straps enable its use as a knapsack or shoulder bag.
-A meshed inner pocket with zipper is located inside the cover of main compartment.
-Side reinforcements help the travel bag to maintain a stable shape、 even when only partially loaded.
-These reinforcements can be easily unzipped and removed、 such as when washing the bag.
-The hidden inner pockets in the side reinforcements can also be used as secret compartments for storing important documents.
-A large cover flap with a two-way、 water-repellent zipper allows easy access to the main compartment.
-Whenever necessary、 the capacity of the bag system can be easily increased even more by simply opening the two expansion zippers.
-Recessed reflectors increase visibility.
-A bungee cord with a reflective coating positioned on the top side allows small、 easily misplaced items to be securely held in place、 such as gloves removed during short stops.
-An additional top-mounted bag is also optionally available (01-055-1462-0).
-This add-on bag is attached to the top side of the large bag with four insert clasps
-It’s made of high-strength、 Teflon-coated 1100 Dtex Cordura fabric with an elaborately embroidered Touratech logo.



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