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  • BMW
    F800GS : F700GS : F650GS (Twin)
  • 數量:
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In creating the F800GS、 the developers at BMW have produced a motorbike that practically invites you take it on an off-road excursion.
Our development team were able to make a number of further improvements to its positive off-road characteristics.

This engine guard is an absolute revolution!

Touratech have attached great importance to its robustness and functionality.
Serious damage、 such as holes in the engine block、 can be effectively prevented by fitting the large Touratech engine guard.

Of course it’s also suitable for the BMW F700GS and F650GS(Twin)!

Maximum strength is provided by multiple folded ridges in the 4mm thick aluminium base plate、 while an additional lower stainless steel attachment plate on the engine ensures the force of an impact is distributed over a large area via 6 bolting points. Ground clearance is not restricted by these two base plates.

Another benefit is that the front of the engine guard rises up far enough to prevent damage to the oil filter and oil cooler as well.
Plastic rails on the lower part of the base plate ensure that the bolt heads - which are already sunken - are completely covered. As a result、 removing the engine guard is no problem even after heavy off-road use.

Not least、 the plastic rails facilitate sliding the bike over rocks、 stones and tree stumps.
Almost as an afterthought、 they also prevent dirt buid-up.

To sum up、 the large Touratech engine guard for the BMW F800GS is a product that meets the most demanding requirements as well as being an absolute visual highlight!


  • 「TOURATECH」是來自德國的冒險摩托車款零件的製造商!是騎乘冒險摩托車款旅行時不可或缺的品牌,零件種類豐富,從讓摩托車升級為更精悍的改裝零件,到騎士服飾等,各式商品多樣齊全。
F800GS : F700GS : F650GS (Twin)