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  • 會員價:NT$15,461
  • 回饋點數:155 點(1點折抵1元)

  • BMW
    R1200GS 13-
  • 數量:
  • 顏色:銀色
  • 材質:不銹鋼
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  • 顏色:銀色
  • 材質:不銹鋼

The Touratech crash bar extension protects the delicate radiator、 the fairing and even the tank of the new water boxer!
Even though BMW has fitted the radiator as closely as possible to the R1200GS 、 its bottom corners still protrude quite a lot.
A bad drop can be all it takes to put paid to a trip - and you can expect a large bill for repairs.
The Touratech crash bar extension will put an end to annoying scratches on the fairing!
Made exclusively of strong、 electropolished stainless steel、 the extension will not rust.
Even deep scratches are less frightening、 and can simply be ground off.

We have taken up the sporty lines of the R1200GS and positioned the bars as closely as possible to the vehicle.
The crash bar extension looks as if it were a part of the motorbike.

- made of electro-polished stainless steel for a really classy look that matches any motorbike paintwork.
- the outstanding quality of the alloy means no flaking of the coating and no corrosion in the event of minor damage to the crash bar
- well drawn-back tubular construction for extensive protection of the side sections
- the elegantly curved design cleverly embodies the style of the R1200GS
- forces triggered by a crash or the motorbike falling over are absorbed and diverted to the specially intended points without causing any major damage
- the generously dimensioned cross-sections protect the rider and motorbike even in a head-on collision
- stable、 multi-position attachment with high-tensile clamping to the engine crash bar and bolting at the front
- lends the R1200GS an aura of ADVENTURE
- can also be mounted together with the Touratech LED、 fog and xenon headlights and also with the original BMW auxiliary lights、 as well as the TOURATECH daytime running lights
- can only be fitted in conjunction with our crash bar (045-5160) and the original BMW crash bars
- for all BMW R1200GS models from 2008

The crash bar not only enhances the appearance of your R1200GS、 but is also a sensible investment to protect it against expensive damage. Perfectly complements the Touratech engine crash bar (045-5160)!


  • 「TOURATECH」是來自德國的冒險摩托車款零件的製造商!是騎乘冒險摩托車款旅行時不可或缺的品牌,零件種類豐富,從讓摩托車升級為更精悍的改裝零件,到騎士服飾等,各式商品多樣齊全。
R1200GS 13-