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拾波線圈分接線 (IMO)

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  • 01-015-0068-0

會員價: NT$ 3,492

點數: 35


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In order to determine the speed with our IMO range a magnet is fitted to one of the wheels and a sensor counts the revolutions.
Particularly with cars it is difficult to find a good place on the wheel for the magnet and the sensor and,for example,the drive shaft is once more placed underneath up to the wheel and there are“too many” pulses per wheel revolution.
Even with quads the wheel size can be too small to set it on the IMO.
We have designed a pulse splitter for these problems.
You can use this to reduce (split) the pulses by factors of 2,4,8 and 16.
This pulse splitter is simply connected to the sensor lead,the split factor is set and there you are with the right speed on the display even though the number of revolutions on the drive shaft,for example,is twice as many as the wheel revolutions.