• 品牌: AltRider
  • 商品編號: T811-0-1000

  • 上架日期:2015年01月16日

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這輛800cc的三輪車是探險車所需要的一切,在路面和越野上都有堅實的性能。在偶像的熱門迷你電影 "The raiden files-portland to dakar "中,可以想象到的地形,讓我們意識到,在這塊刻薄的土地上,可以完成什么樣的瘋狂冒險。如果沒有合適的配件,沒有最好的保護,崎嶇不平的騎行很快就會結束,這些一英寸的不銹鋼像所有的altrider工程防撞桿一樣,這些防撞桿將無縫地安裝在自行車上,無需任何研磨或彎曲。與其他防撞桿不同的是,我們沒有使用法蘭或弱片,而且不是懸掛的,它們實際上是安裝的。





This 800cc triple is everything that an adventure bike needs with solid performance on the pavement and off-roads. This bike was featured tackling every terrain imaginable in Icon’s hit mini movie ”The Raiden Files- Portland to Dakar” making us realize what kind of crazy adventures can be done on this mean off-road machine. Without the right accessories, the rugged rides can quickly come to an end without the best protection. These one inch stainless steel AltRider crash bars for the Triumph Tiger 800 are cut on a 5 axis laser for strength and perfect fit.

100% made in the USA, these Tiger bars utilize the strongest mounting points the bike has to offer. Like all AltRider engineered crash bars, these will fit seamlessly without any grinding or bending on your part. Unlike other crash bars, we don’t use flanges or weak tabs and are not hung, they’re actually mounted.

One specific feature of these bars is the hidden connector in the front to yield a seamless system. In the case of a hard impact on one side, the energy will be transferred from one side to the other. The impact will be distributed to not just the one or two mounts but all of the mounting points, even on the other side of the impact.

・Fits both 800 and 800XC
・Stainless construction fights corrosion and rust
・Hand TIG welded crash bars are 1 inch diameter for additional strength
・Manufactured in America
・All coping is cut on 5 axis laser then hand TIG welded
・Refined satin peen finish
・Available in Black or Silver
・All hardware included


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