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  • 商品編號: T813-0-1101

  • 上架日期:2015年01月16日

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踢倒你的側架不應該讓你擔心自行車掉落或下沉。"Altrider側架腳為Triumph tiger 800提供了和平。

由厚實的1/8英寸(3.175毫米)不銹鋼制成。它的底板是鋼制的,不會隨着時間的推移而彎曲、松動或開始搖晃。市場上符合人體工學的設計,讓您在騎車時也能輕松部署側支架。這是市場上唯一一款帶有頂板的側立腳,它的頂板包圍了整個腳部。這款側立腳與所有 tiger 800 型號的產品兼容。

在我們的altrider車庫博客文章中,我們設計了這個產品,漫長的道路上的側立腳。新版oem中控台與hepco becker中控台不兼容
.兼容所有tiger 800。型號
.Torx緊固件(需要T-25 Torx起子)



Kicking down your side stand shouldn’t make you worry about a falling or sinking bike. The AltRider Side Stand Foot for the Triumph Tiger 800 offers peace of mind by creating a larger footprint to support the weight of your bike on soft ground.

Made from hefty 1/8 inch (3.175 mm) thick stainless steel, the bottom plate will not bend, loosen, or begin rattling over time.It features a 3D tread that provides traction for your boots and is the most ergonomic design on the market, allowing easy deployment of the side stand while still on the bike. The AltRider foot attaches using the flanged top plate that holds the curved foot, and Torx fasteners clamp it down for a tight fit. This is the only side stand foot on the market with a top plate that encloses the foot from every angle -- there’s no chance of losing this one. This Side Stand Foot is compatible with all Tiger 800 models.

Learn more about how we designed this product in our AltRider Garage blog post, The Long Road to the Side Stand Foot.

・Compatible with OEM centerstand - Possible interference with replacement of recalled OEM center stand
・Not Compatible with Hepco Becker centerstand
・Compatible with all Tiger 800 models
・Made from 1/8 inch stainless steel
・Torx fasteners (requires T-25 Torx driver)
・Available in silver or black
・Height: 1 inch (2.5 cm)
・Width: 1 inch (2.5 cm)
・Depth: 4 inches (10.2 cm)
・Weight: 0.5 lbs (.23 kg)


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