側掛包 (後行李箱支架用)

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DL1000 V-STROM1000 14- DL1000
DL1000 V-STROM650 -17 DL650

馬鞍包・側邊包 銷售排行




Size:(L×W×H) approx.24×8×10 cm
Volume:approx.2×0,5 litres


The space on the left and right below the pillion grab handles is just perfect for attaching two side bags meant to hold smaller equipment items.
They don’t get in the way at all and offer enough storage space for items such as a first aid kit,a spare pair of gloves or your most important tools.
Made of durable Cordura fabric,these bags with water-repellent zippers allow easy access to their contents and can be easily removed whenever necessary.
Two small bags that fit well and unobtrusively on the bike and will prove to be very helpful!

- Insert panels made from strong waterproof tarpaulin
- The material that we use is not plain nylon - it is certified Cordura fabric,made in Germany,as also used for protective motorcycle clothing and expedition equipment
- Waterproof coating on inside of fabric
- Fluorocarbon impregnation and Teflon coating by DuPont using nanotechnology for protection against moisture,dirt,oil and fading
- Washable and easy to clean
- The fabric used has been tested for harmful substances and certified in accordance with OEKO-TEX Standard 100
- Reflective 3M Scotchlite panels for maximum visibility
- Made for extreme loads and built to last
- Perfect fit
- Securely attached but can be quickly taken off the bike
- Low-weight bag with high carrying capacity and large usable volume
- Water-resistant,high-quality zips
- Large main compartment without extra subdivisions provides maximum space for individual loading
- Flat,narrow shape allows great freedom of movement for active off-road use
- Appealing,exclusive blend of materials with a refreshing design
- All luggage systems are carefully hand-crafted in Germany


※ Use paint protection film if necessary!


    • DL1000 V-STROM1000 14- DL1000
    • DL1000 V-STROM650 -17 DL650