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R1200GS Adventure (14-)



後懸吊・後避震器 銷售排行




This Touratech Suspension DDA / Plug & Travel shock absorber is an absolutely top class suspension component for your
BMW R 1200 GS Adventure equipped with the BMW DDC system.
This premium shock absorber is systematically designed for long-distance touring with lots of luggage,on any type of road surface - and even off-road.
This Touratech Suspension DDA / Plug & Travel shock absorber simply replaces the BMW DDC shock.
The existing plug connectors and switches on the handlebar are retained and used as usual.
As a result,this shock absorber becomes an integral part of the motorcycle via the original BMW control unit.
This shock absorber can be used together with the original BMW rear shock absorber.
The Touratech suspension system that adapts itself to your adventure - so all you have to do is ride!

This Touratech Suspension DDA / Plug & Travel shock absorber is manufactured using the same precision components and parts
that have been tried-and-tested in our shock absorbers over thousands of miles of touring,under the most intense conditions.
At the heart of this shock absorber is the high-performance DDA valve,developed and patented by Tractive.
It allows the damping to adjust in fractions of a second to any riding situation.
To withstand the rigours of long-distance touring,our shock absorbers have a larger piston diameter,which means a larger oil capacity.
This enables better cooling with a high damping frequency.As a result,the shock absorber and damping are more stable and there is less stress on the seals.

Key features and facts for the DDA / Plug & Travel“front” shock absorber
- For the rigours of long-distance touring,we use a larger piston diameter and the
floating piston designallows the oil and nitrogento work separately.
This achieves optimal heat dissipation under heavy loads while giving the shock absorber
extremely fine response characteristics.
- Typical for Touratech - uses tried-and-tested precision components and parts.
- External reservoir provides extra compression damping adjustment.
Separate high speed and low speed settings for extremely fine and effective adjustment of the
semi-active Touratech DDA basic damping setup.
Example application:Ideal adjustment for long off-road rides with heavy luggage.
Ideal damping adjustment for journeys on country roads and/or a sporty riding style.
Enables finer response from semi-active suspension system even with very high damping frequency
(bad roads,off-road) while still maintaining high shock absorber life expectancy.

- All riding modes and settings options in the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure DDC system are fully retained.
- The Touratech shock absorber can be used together with the original BMW rear shock.
- The Touratech DDA / Plug & Travel shock absorber is operated via the original BMW handlebar controls.
Left on handlebar:Road - Dynamic - Enduro - Rain - Enduro pro (with BMW coding plug)
Right on handlebar:settings - Normal - Solo - Solo + luggage - 2 people
- In the riding mode you select,
the road conditions are actively monitored as you ride.
- Your bike’s suspension adjusts to maintain perfect balance.
The lean angle and acceleration sensors on your BMW R 1200 GS Adventure are also actively monitored.
- The suspension system adjusts the damping in fractions of a second via the patented DDA valve
- virtually in real-time - and is always optimally matched to the prevailing riding conditions.
- This gives you the greatest possible comfort,finest level of feedback and fantastic ride dynamics.

- The Touratech DDA suspension system provides the best possible safety reserves and is easy to adjust
via the BMW handlebar controls.
- The Touratech Suspension Plug & Travel suspension system optimally implements the selected riding mode.
- The suspension system described here is designed for a rider’s weight including luggage of up to 100 kg.
Modifications are possible for much heavier loads or other unusual requirements.

Important,please note:
- With this suspension solution,we recommend replacing the rear and front shock absorbers together.
- This is the only way to achieve the best possible handling with this premium suspension system.
=> In this case,the matching component for the rear of the BMW R 1200 GS Adventure 2014 is the:
=> Touratech Suspension rear shock absorber for BMW R 1200 GS Adventure,2014 onwards,item no.:01-045-5874-0 OR THE SET
=> Touratech Suspension suspension set front/rear for BMW R 1200 GS Adventure,2014 onwards,item no.:01-045-5887-0

What’s included:
- Touratech Suspension DDA Plug & Travel“front” shock absorber
- Ready to fit with plug connector and wiring

The basic setup fitted here is designed for riders up to 100 kg including luggage.Modifications are possible
for a heavier rider (more than 100 kg) and/or if the bike is usually ridden with a passenger / with luggage.In this case,
we individually modify the shock absorber to meet your needs by fitting a spring with a higher spring rate.


    • R1200GS Adventure (14-)




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