Centauro 完整引擎墊片套件/Polaris Sportsman 550

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  • 875A001FL

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Centauro engine gaskets are designed for use during reconditioning and offer guaranteed long-term reliability. They are used by various manufacturers for initial engine assembly.
Complete engine gasket set
Includes all of the gaskets you need to recondition the entire engine with the exception of the oil seals.


※ 輸入品のため、日本語の説明書は付属しません。


    • POLARIS SPORTSMAN 550XPS 4X4 (550) 09-13
    • POLARIS SPORTSMAN 550 EPS (550) 10-14
    • POLARIS SPORTSMAN 550 X2 (550) 10-14


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APE 凸輪延伸調整螺絲套件 GSX-R1100