【RST】RST 1551 MX II M 手套

  • 【RST】RST 1551 MX II M 手套 - 「Webike-摩托百貨」

會員價: NT$ 1,126

點數: 11
定價: NT$ 1,265

    • 選擇商品形式:
    • 商品編號:
    • 1551-04_S


越野滑胎手套 銷售排行







The mx 2 glove does just what it says! It’s an mx glove (that’s also great for mountain biking or just as an everyday glove!)

4-way stretch nylon and neoprene construction
Clarino palm with integrated pull tab
laminated silicon grip
pre curved fingers
Secure TPU velcro wrist closure
Machine washable


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