【Eazi-Grip】油箱保護貼 Tank Grips 【Silicone】

  • 【Eazi-Grip】油箱保護貼 Tank Grips 【Silicone】 - 「Webike-摩托百貨」
  • 【Eazi-Grip】油箱保護貼 Tank Grips 【Silicone】 - 「Webike-摩托百貨」

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    • SIL808BL



TIGER 800 2015-2016




【重量】0.34 kg
【サイズ】25 x 9 x 0.19 cm
【タイプ】SILICONE SERIES(タンクグリップの突起が小さく、耐久性を向上させたタイプ)



イージーグリップ シリコンシリーズは、人間工学に基づいて開発された最も耐久性の高い商品です。特別なシリコンで生成された表面形状や、高いグリップとコントロール性をもたらします。

Key Benefits
・Specifically cut to size for a perfect fit
・Manufactured from high quality clear polyurethane
・Enables rider to maintain stable body position
・Designed to assist in better bike control
・Created to help relieve rider fatigue

We would strongly recommend that on a white tank a black grip should be used.
Eazi-Grip™ tank grips have been specifically designed to assist in better bike control enabling a rider to maintain a stable body position during cornering and braking whilst also relieving rider fatigue.
The ‘Evo’ series tank grip is manufactured from high quality clear polyurethane which will not obscure decals logos or paintwork and consists of raised hemispherical traction domes which when applied are incredibly hard wearing. The soft but durable surface creates a high level of grip combined with exceptional rider feel.
The ‘Pro’ series tank grip is manufactured from the same high quality polyurethane but feature a smoother embossed pattern that creates high levels of grip when needed under heavy braking but allows greater rider movement on the bike.
The ‘Silicone’ series tank grip is our most ergonomic and durable grip yet features a textured surface that in conjunction with the unique properties of silicone combines the ease of rider movement of the ‘Pro’ series with the high levels of grip offered by the ‘Evo’ series.
Please note Eazi-grip tank grips now come with a 25mm diameter badge that has the Eazi-grip logo on.
**Kits contain either 2 or more grips specific to the bike model and will include both left and right pads. Images are for illustrative purposes only the tank grips may be larger/smaller than in the picture and are only designed to show the correct location of Tank Grips on the bike.**


※ 装着画像には他のタイプ、カラーが含まれますのでご注意下さい。


    • TIGER 800 2015-2016




  • 1.請問此商品我在網頁上有看到三種型號,分別為「Silicone」「Pro」「Evolution」可是我在商品中的圖片說明只看到「Pro」「Evolution」的說明,那「Silicone」是有什麼不一樣嗎?

    以下提供您商品的命名區別: SILICONE SERIES = 小凸出顆粒型式油箱防滑貼、耐久性提高型式 PRO SERIES = 小凸出顆粒型式油箱防滑貼 EVO = 大凸出顆粒型式油箱防滑貼