【X-Bionic】MOTOLIGHT 長袖衫,黑色/灰色

  • 【X-Bionic】MOTOLIGHT 長袖衫,黑色/灰色 - 「Webike-摩托百貨」
  • 【X-Bionic】MOTOLIGHT 長袖衫,黑色/灰色 - 「Webike-摩托百貨」
  • 【X-Bionic】MOTOLIGHT 長袖衫,黑色/灰色 - 「Webike-摩托百貨」

會員價: NT$ 6,036

點數: 121
定價: NT$ 6,036

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・Material: 80% polyamide, 11% elastane, 9% polypropylene


High-performance base layer with active climate regulation

If your body chills or overheats when riding a motorbike, your concentration will suffer. So it is all the more important to maintain an optimal body temperature of 37°C. This is precisely what the patented, extra-large 3D-BionicSphere system on the chest and back is designed to do. It utilises your sweat for cooling, and with its chamber system, it creates an insulating layer of air next to your body.

Enhanced concentration means greater safety!

・Ideal climate control
Large 3D BionicSphere system in the chest and back area is designed for high physical demands.
Cools when you sweat, warms when your body starts to chill!

・Targeted air circulation
AirDuct Pads at the hips and shoulders
Normally, kidney belts and protective suits prevent any air circulation. Which is why X-BIONIC Moto Energizer has integrated AirDuct Pads. These are vertically arranged to enable an airstream between the pads, thus quickly removing warm and humid air.

・Vibration reduction for improved physical performance
Vibrations make your muscles tire more quickly. X-Impact Technology means that the base layer is close-fitting and absorbs vibrations effectively.

・A medium level of compression reduces muscle vibrations
・Oxygen and nutrient supply to the muscles is improved
・Faster recovery


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