有機材料型煞車來令片 [MCB643]

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NT$ 2,025








TRW Brakepads Organic
With ABE

TRW/Lucas brake pads:

Versatile,tried-and-tested mixture
High-quality constituents,including carbon,ceramic and resins.
Long service life given compatible discs - all OEM and TRW/Lucas brake discs
Coordinated front and rear friction coefficients
Recommended by leading trade publications for years now. The biggest selling brake pad in Germany
The KBA (German Motor Transport Authority) code printed on the black rear plate guarantees that the pads have type approval for Germany.
One of the excellent features of this organic material is its long service life.
Brake shoe sets are supplied with springs where necessary.
All-metal components containing no heavy metal
Have a look in our PDF to see the exact dimensions of the brake pads.
The price quoted is per set for one brake disc.

You MUST observe the safety instructions printed on the packaging and run the pads in by driving a few miles without any hard braking to prevent glazing. Sintered metal brake pads can be found in a separate section.


※ 取り扱い説明書は英語となります。
※ 輸入商材の為、納期が遅れる場合がございます。あらかじめご了承ください。


    • ZXR 400 L 91-03 [Point of use] front



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