煞車來令片 燒結 [MCB659SV]

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NT$ 2,997








TRW Brake-Pads Sinter with ABE

TRW/Lucas sintered metal brake pads:

A top-quality product with excellent braking performance
Immediately responsive,well controlled braking
Minimal hand force required;coordinated front and rear coefficient of friction
Recommended by leading trade journals for years now.
The KBA (German Motor Transport Authority) code on the back plate guarantees that the component has type approval for Germany.
All-metal components,containing no heavy metal,offer long service life and excellent braking efficiency.
Superb wet braking performance.
Good disc compatibility - can be used with all steel discs.
To see the exact dimensions of the brake pads have a look in the PDF.
The price quoted is per set for one brake disc.

You MUST observe the safety instructions printed on the packaging. Organic brake pads can be found in a separate section.


※ 取り扱い説明書は英語となります。
※ 輸入商材の為、納期が遅れる場合がございます。あらかじめご了承ください。


    • ZRX 1100 96-00 [Point of use] front
    • ZRX 1200 R 01-06 [Point of use] front
    • ZRX1200 C 01-04 [Point of use] front
    • ZRX1200 C 01-04 [Point of use] front
    • ZRX1200 S 01-04 [Point of use] front
    • VZ 1600 Marauder 04-05 [Point of use] front
    • TL 1000 R 98-99 [Point of use] front
    • GSX-R 750 96-99 [Point of use] front
    • GSX-R 750 94-95 [Point of use] front
    • GSX-R 1100 93-97 [Point of use] front