Shaun Simpson S24 複刻版 Pro Series F7把手

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  • FXHB 70024 99BK

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Material:7075 Aerospace Aluminium
Product Type:RFX F7 Handlebar


RFX are pleased too announce the new Shaun Simpson S24 Replica F7 Handlebar.
RFX have worked closely with Shaun over the last 4 years developing and testing our range of RFX products at the highest level in MXGP with Wilvo Virus KTM amd now Wilvo Yamaha MXGP.
This is an exclusive bend developed for Shaun, which has helped him secure MXGP wins.
The bars also come with a signature series S24 Bar Pad.

RFX Pro Series F7 Taper Bars are designed and tested at the highest level.
F7 Taper Bars are manufactured from 7075-T6 aluminium and feature Oversize Taper Extension (OTE) to give the ultimate strength and crash resistance, whilst Engineered Flex Technology (EFT) and Progressive Damping Control (PDC) helps provide just the right amount of flex and reduces machine vibration to help combat rider fatigue.
OTE is a lengthening of the central oversize (28.6mm) section.
Increasing the oversize section to run past the final bend in the handlebar adds significant strength to the weakest part of any handlebar, couple this with a 4mm wall thickness that stays consistent even on the outside of the bends and the F7 Taper Bar is one of the lightest yet strongest bars on the market.
EFT is designed to give a small amount of flex in the bars.
Carefully selecting an inner wall thickness of 4mm through the rise and taper area of the bars helps to reduce the effects of jarring in large impacts whilst providing the rider maximum front-end feel in corners.
PDC is created using a larger wall thickness of 5mm on the handlebar grip area, this has been calculated to balance and dampen against the effects of handlebar vibration.
This is a similar principal to the handlebar weights used in sports bikes but is specifically designed and tested to suit the vibration range produced by modern high performance 4 stroke motocross bikes.

・Made from 7075 aerospace aluminium construction
・T6 heat treated to increase tensile strength
・Shot peened finish to prevent surface stress fractures and increase bar life
・Oversize Taper Extension (OTE) helps reduce crash damage
・Engineered Flex Technology (EFT) helps reduce rider fatigue
・Progressive Damping Control (PDC) helps reduce machine vibration
・Knurled grip area to help prevent grips slipping & twisting
・Polished throttle area to give a smoother throttle action
・Laser etched alignment grid for the perfect setup
・Colour anodised to prevent corrosion
・Includes a high-density foam pad with a hard wearing PVC cover
・Available in a variety of bends to suit most racers



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