Pro 2系列 鏈條調整器

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  • FXAB 70500 99BU

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Material:7075 Aerospace Aluminium
Bike Make:Husqvarna
Product Type:Axle Blocks


RFX Pro Series Axle Blocks are designed to speed up & improve wheel changes with easy fitting and more precise alignment.
CNC manufactured from 7075 aerospace grade aluminium.

Pro Series Axle Blocks Features
・Axle holder holds one side so that is can be tighted with one spanner.
・Laser etched RFX logo.
・CNC 7075 Aerospace aluminium.
・CAD designed profile for lightness.
・Tighter tolerances for improved fit.
・Colour anodised for that factory bike look.

Fitting Instructions
・Start with bike on a stand with the rear wheel raised from the ground.
・Undo rear axle nut and remove spindle.
・Lift chain of sprockets & remove rear wheel.
・Remove old axle blocks.
・Remove old axle block bolts.
・Remove the spindle from the axle block (KTM Only) to do this may require some heat and a vice, be careful not to damage the spindle.
・Re-fit the spindle to the new axle block (KTM Only) make sur to use red threadlock when doing this.
・Clean around the swing arm making sure clean and free of debris.
・Take the new RFX Axle Blocks and place on swing arm ensuring alignment and bolts are in position.
・Clean spindle and axle nut.
・Apply waterproof grease to spindle and wheel spacers.
・Lift the wheel into position and re-apply the chain.
・Insert Spindle all the way through and re-attach the axle nut, do not fully tighten nut.
・Align the wheel square using the axle blocks and adjust to set the chain to the correct tension (Check owner’s manual for correct tension)
・Tighten axle nut to correct torque as per owner’s manual.


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