SpeedPro COBRA

Kawasaki ER6N/F/Ninja650/Versys 650/KLE 650 C5 2合1 全段排氣管

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  • 8C5-4373-548

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VERSYS 650 07-17 LE 650 LE 650A LE 650C LE 650E
ER-6n 07-17 LE 650 LE 650A LE 650C LE 650E
ER-6f 07-17 LE 650 LE 650A LE 650C LE 650E

全段排氣管 銷售排行




More features are
- Made in Germany
- low weight
- removable DB Killer
- super-light holder
- corrosion-resistant construction
- full sound


2in1 kit including muffler, mid pipe and the header/down pipes w. ABE-EG Complete mounting kit including all mounting parts, hangers, removable DB KillerOptional round/oval Aluminium/CarbonRi/Titanium plus upgrades in short lengths.

No tri-oval bolton or tri-oval possible.
Also available as 200mm XShort / Minishort.

SPEEDPRO COBRA C5 motorcycle exhaust systems are known for their quality and full sound. The mufflers/silencers are available in different length, materials and shapes.

DB Killer: The removal or alteration of the DB Killer result in the loss of the EC type-approval (German: ABE/EG) and is strictly for motor racing purposes

・heat resistant
【3-D Nietenschild】
・wunderschones geschliffenes Aluminium im 3D Look
・exclusiv, edel, einzigartig!
【Sleeve material】
The muffler sleeve is available in different materials and finish, respectively.
【sleeve material Aluminium - matt brushed】
Das Aluminium wird matt geburstet. Ein sehr edler Effekt. Kratzer fallen weniger auf.
【sleeve material carbon RI ultralite】
REinforced Carbon. Superleicht. Kohlenstofffaserverstarkter Kunststoff, auch CFK (Carbon-faserverstarkter Kunststoff; englisch carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic, CFRP) oder umgangssprachlich nur Carbon (engl. fur Kohlenstoff) genannt, bezeichnet einen Faser-Kunststoff-Verbundwerkstoff, bei dem Kohlenstofffasern, meist in mehreren Lagen, als Verstarkung in eine Kunststoff-Matrix eingebettet werden. Unser Reinforced Material enthalt eine weitere Schicht Metallgitterschicht zur Verstarkung.
【sleeve material V2A stainless steel - titanium finish】
V2A Edelstahl in Titan Optik
【sleeve material Aluminium - black velvet ceramic】
Black Velvet is a high-quality semi-matt black ceramic coating. Black Velvet is setting new trends in design and aesthetics with a specific SoftTouch surface area. The Ultra Performance Satin Metallics are not comparable to conventional silicon products. Our ceramic coatings, heatresisting up to approx. 1100 °C, offer an optimal flex together with a hard and abrasion-resistant surface. There is no scaling at constant high operating temperatures and there is no crack formation or detach under extreme temperature fluctuation.
Laser logo is not available with combination black-black.
【sleeve material titanium】
Superlight weight, high temperature exhaust material.
It has a low density and is a strong, lustrous, corrosion-resistant (including sea water, aqua regia and chlorine) transition metal with a silver color.


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※ 車検の適合に関しては保障致しかねます。
※ 公道走行不可


    • VERSYS 650 07-17 LE 650 LE 650A LE 650C LE 650E
    • ER-6n 07-17 LE 650 LE 650A LE 650C LE 650E
    • ER-6f 07-17 LE 650 LE 650A LE 650C LE 650E
    • Z650 07-17 LE 650 LE 650A LE 650C LE 650E
    • Ninja 650 07-17 LE 650 LE 650A LE 650C LE 650E




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