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BMW R1200GS/Adventure/Rally Hypershots XL 排氣管尾段

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  • 899-7016-344-BC

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點數: 115

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R1200GS LC 13- R 12W 1G12
R1200GS Adventure LC 13- R 12W 1G12




sleeve length 300-250mm


Slip-on kit road legal/EEC/ABE homologated.
Complete mounting kit including all mounting parts, hangers, removable DB Killer
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

DB Killer: The removal or alteration of the DB Killer result in the loss of the EC type-approval (German: ABE/EG) and is strictly for motor racing purposes

【sleeve material stainless steel - Matt Black velvet ceramic】
Many high performance coatings claim to be capable of operating at high temperatures. Most coatings, however, fail as temperatures exceed 1.000°F. All of our high temperature Ultra Performance Coatings are stable up to 1.100°C. Our high temperature line consists of two high quality formulations, the Ultra Performance Satin Metallic series. Available in several metallized finishes, these coatings will not only give an attractive look but also works as a perfect thermal barrier that increases performance and horsepower by increasing heat scavenging during the exhaust cycle. Our coatings have shown lower radiant temperature between 400-600°F. Performance Proven Hight Temp. Coating Heat stable up to 1.100°C Excellent Corrosion Protection Extreme Hardness Maximum Chemical Resistance Thermal Barrier Protection


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    • R1200GS LC 13- R 12W 1G12
    • R1200GS Adventure LC 13- R 12W 1G12