Y0154ECH29 前叉阻尼器套件

  • 品牌: bitubo
  • 商品編號: Y0154ECH29

  • 上架日期:2023年02月06日

定價:NT$ 60,155

會員價: NT$ 48,124 20%OFF

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NT$ 48,124






適用車型:YAMAHA YZF-R6 2017-2021





cartridge-adj:hyd. preload/rebound/compression/1l oil

"The ECH pressurized cartridge contains a series of innovative systems such as: FPS, EC and LC. Such systems are the result of extensive research and development by our R&D Department in collaboration with the best Teams taking part in the SBK World Championship and also in the British, German and Italian Championships. Light Components: this product is manufactured using special lightweight alloys, providing a considerable weight reduction compared to the previous YCE. Full Pressure System Full Pressure System exhibits the highest efficiency and practicality of this patented system. This innovative damping system provides immediate damping, while avoiding any cavitation of the internal fluid. The system is gas pressurized at low pressure. The cartridges are asymmetric: one controls compression, the other controls rebound. With two alternate chambers at both ends, it is possible to create high damping force even at very low speed. All adjustments are located on the fork cap for ease of accessibility: the spring is now hydraulically actuated, while rebound and compression are separate for simpler and more convenient adjustment. Easy Tuning: this is a quick spring replacement system and new exclusive cartridge dismantling system, which does not require removal of the fork. This system makes spring and damping changes easier for racing technicians. It is only necessary to modify one cartridge for compression or rebound. It is possible to reach a very high damping coefficient even at very low speed thus avoiding front end diving at the first braking instants. TARGET: Supply the maximum stability of the front-axle assembly to the pilot also checking perfectly the speed of descent of it in the disconnected ones more violent; increase of the grip in insertion and route of curve thanks to the immediate hydraulic control; an uniform usury of the rubber thanks to the instant control of the applied strengths. This gives to who guide the maximum support in also braked to extreme angles of inclination. Maximum management of curve on all the types of layout. ADJUSTMENTS: Spring preload (Hydraulic), Compression (24 click), Rebound (24 clicks). TECHNICAL FEATURES: Hydraulic piston with FPS system (Bitubo Patent)Ø27mm, machined from Ergal, Cartridge rods with Ø10mm with stiction reducing coating, Mechanical bottom-out with polyurethane bump stop, CrSi steel springs, with heat treatment, stabilising procedure and final shot-peening with steel balls, Fork cap with integrated hydraulic spring preload (Bitubo Patent), Independent damping adjustment for compression and rebound, Coaxial compensation chamber (Bitubo Patent), Ergal cartridge body with internal static friction reducing coating, Separate damping and lubrication fluids. BOX INCLUDES: assembly instructions indicating oil viscosity, oil level recommended by our R&D, adjustment and installing tools, 1lt oil high viscosity. POSSIBLE ACCESSORIES: fork leg adjustment cover. "

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