Graves Motorsports(TM)製可調式腳踏套件

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  • ABA-0SS56-20-59

會員價: NT$ 34,327

點數: 687


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YZF-R1 14
YZF-R1 12
YZF-R1 13

腳踏後移套件 銷售排行




These rear sets feature billet aluminum construction, M1 foot pegs, double roller bearings in the brake and shifter pivots, and left-side carbon fiber heel guard. Includes shift rod and shift knuckle. The&nbsp;unique adjustable M1 foot pegs offer excellent grip via the large CNC-machined &ldquo;teeth&rdquo; and comfort due to their large contact patch and ability to be rotated to any desired angle. The lever tips are collapsible and feature a high-grip rubber cover for positive grip and feel when shifting and braking. The carbon fiber heel guard is designed to be functional as well as look great. The right side is an optional upgrade (purchased separately). Their sturdy, lightweight construction makes them last, even when digging your heels into them. Rider can select from either reverse or standard shift pattern by rotating the stock shift knuckle on the shift shaft. In order to use a Dynojet&reg; Speed Shifter you will need to use the Dynojet&reg; Ignition Module along with the Power Commander&reg; (PC) III USB. If you are using reverse shift, you will need the Shift Rod Tension Sensor (Pull Type) and 246mm Shift Rod. If you are using standard shift, you will need the Shift Rod Tension Sensor (Push Type) and 246mm Shift Rod.


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    • YZF-R1 14
    • YZF-R1 12
    • YZF-R1 13
    • YZF-R1 09
    • YZF-R1 10




【WUKAWA】鋁合金鍛造輪圈 B 款
鋁合金鍛造輪圈 B 款 WUKAWA YZF-R1
【WUKAWA】鋁合金鍛造輪圈 C 款
鋁合金鍛造輪圈 C 款 WUKAWA YZF-R1
【WUKAWA】鋁合金鍛造輪圈 D 款
鋁合金鍛造輪圈 D 款 WUKAWA YZF-R1
【WUKAWA】鋁合金鍛造輪圈 E 款
鋁合金鍛造輪圈 E 款 WUKAWA YZF-R1
【WUKAWA】鋁合金鍛造輪圈 G 款
鋁合金鍛造輪圈 G 款 WUKAWA YZF-R1
【WUKAWA】鋁合金鍛造輪圈 J 款
鋁合金鍛造輪圈 J 款 WUKAWA YZF-R1
【WUKAWA】鋁合金鍛造輪圈 K 款
鋁合金鍛造輪圈 K 款 WUKAWA YZF-R1
【WUKAWA】鋁合金鍛造輪圈 S 款
鋁合金鍛造輪圈 S 款 WUKAWA YZF-R1
【WUKAWA】鋁合金鍛造輪圈 U 款
鋁合金鍛造輪圈 U 款 WUKAWA YZF-R1